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VMware Player – Free Download

by boris

VMware Player is a virtual machine which is very handy to be used with different operating systems on single computer. The computer running on Windows can be worked with Linux on single system. The virtual machines also provide best of both the operating system and comes with very easy set up. VMware Player is very simple and intuitive with a plain design which walks the user through the creation of virtual machine process. The menu lets the user create and select new virtual machine an open existing machines such as viewing the program with HTML file help and upgrading to VMware workstation. The user can create new virtual machine and choose to utilize the installation disk with disk image and installing the operating system in later stage. The selection of operating system such as Linux, Windows, Sun Solaris, NetWare and any other option and choose the best suitable operating system from drop down menu according to the requirement of user. The user is asked to choose the location and name of the particular virtual machines and set the maximum size of virtual machine. After finishing the creation of virtual machine, both the operating system can be utilized. The application is very easy and can be used by novices because of well written HTML Help file. The application fulfils the need of most of the users who do not want to purchase the software.

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  • Runs on multiple operating systems on single machine
  • Experiences of benefits of software products which are pre-configured without any installation issues
  • Sharing of data between virtual machine and host computer
  • It has two way virtual SMP.
  • Third party virtual machines and images are utilized
  • Application runs on both 32 and 64 bit operating systems
  • Supports USB devices
  • Enhanced support of guest ad host operating system
  • Easy access to virtual machines with intuitive interface
  • Appliance information can be gained at the time of application start-up.

Publisher’s Description

VMware Player has enables the ease to run virtual machines on various operating system and it can be done in an easy manner with the creation of VMware workstation, ESX server and GSX server. The enhanced support with Microsoft virtual machines and other applications has added to the usability of application for various users.

Change Log

The updated version of VMware Player adds so many features and also, support has also added for various operating systems such as Ubuntu 14.10, OpenSUSE 13.2, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 Update, CentOS 7, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, Windows 10, Windows Server version etc. The added support to hardware versions is vital for the better functionality of application and enables the user to run legacy operating system in virtual machines. The CPU enablement and inclusion of microarchitecture extension support has also been updated in the current version. The Haswell extension delivers up to 45 % improvement in the operations of encryption/decryption, multimedia and other operations. The NDIS drive and xHCI controller is updated in the recent version. And it has also allocated up to 2GB memory to video in the virtual machines.

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