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Winamp Media Player – Free Download

by boris

Winamp is an excellent media player and it has taken various steps to improve the typical media player environment. It supports CD burning, robust file management, and AAC encoding system. Winamp also supports portable devices and even iPods. The ability to sync with DRMed files in the system, an optional layout of the interface and built-in browser for a discovery of media are remarkable features of Winamp. The player also allows to search with the name of an artist, and related headlines in the specific search pane. The device synchronization and podcast support lets the user to sync their playlist in the continuing process. The consistent support with the AOL Shoutcast has added to the features of media player. The Bento layout is a new feature as it is far better than the traditional modular format layout. Winamp also has joint panes for media player, album list, and artist list, which makes the player more appealing. Moreover, the Auto tag feature of downloading the meta-tags from database, music scrobler and Orgler with links to AOL music, adds up to the benefits of media player. Importantly, the stability issues are fixed appropriately while playing videos and considered to be a strong media player. The media player is strongly recommended to people looking for basic with additional features in the player.


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  • Multi-format media player and supports a wide range of specialized and contemporary formats such as MOD, M4A, OGG Vorbis, FLAC, AAC, MPEG-1, MIDI, Windows audio etc.
  • Winamp has strong support of playback for AAC and MP3 without any gaps.
  • Replay gain for leveling of volumes across the tracks.
  • Important music from audio CDs and CD text can burn music to CDs.
  • It supports Nullsoft Streaming Video and Windows Media Video with complete support of playback music and videos.
  • The additional feature of surround sound is also supported in which the decoders and formats are allowed to the users.
  • Streaming video support such as internet television and radio, satellite radio, RSS media feeds, etc.
  • Extendable support for portable devices via individual libraries with internet connections.
  • Plug-in support is also provided through the functionality of Winamp.

Publisher’s Description

Winamp is a very useful multimedia player provided by NullSoft and supports a large number of video and audio formats. The extreme customization of media library allows the user to burn and rip favorite music in CDs. Winamp player has so many plug-in and skins, which allows the user to change the feel and look of player with additional features. The player also has access to thousands of free videos, songs, online radio from AOL and SHOUTcast with XM.

Changed Log


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The new version of Winamp has the wireless desktop sync, with Android. The Windows 8 support has been enhanced with the high-resolution screen and improved playlist supporter. The iTunes library import has been launched. Some minor bug fixes and security fixes are also done for better stability in the player. Another change is the extension of 16 languages including German, Polish, Russian and French.

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