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Windows Media Player – Free Download

by boris

Windows Media Player is one of the most famous media players. The product was designed by famous giant Microsoft Corporations, as the media player comes built in with windows. The application is utilized for playing audio/video and playing slide shows of images on computer systems. If you are using any of the Microsoft’s operating systems then Windows media player will be found integrated with it. Additionally, Microsoft has also dispatched the Versions of Windows Media Player for Mobile platforms as well as for Mac platform. Also, it keeps implementing the subsequent improvements required in its newly launched and updated version.


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In addition to its feature, being a media player WMP incorporates the capacity of copying different music files and ripping them into CDs and DVDs. The music files can also be personalized before burning into external disc, as if you need to create your own playlist into the disc or place random music albums, or genres, or simply dropping random music files into it, you can do everything with windows media player.

Windows Media Player offers you features beyond just giving an audio or video files playback support.

Features of Windows Media Player:


The Windows media player is extremely simple in looks and navigation. The program has simple and easy to use user interface, it also offers you to download music and videos from its online store. The store enables you to explore number of favorite audio/video songs in a single click, all your Entertainment can be gathered in a single place. You can be stay connected anywhere and anytime with the Window media player online support.


You can view beautiful and enchanting visualizations while playing your favorite tracks in window media player. Currently, there are three different visualizations offered by WMP, namely Alchemy, which was integrated since windows media player 9. Second visualization shows bars and waves, which was first introduced in windows media player 7 and the third is Battery, which was incorporated in windows media player 8. Recently a visualization effect have been removed from Window media player namely ‘Musical Colors’. With the introduction of updated versions, new visualizing effects such as Molecule, Plenoptic, and Spikes have also been added.


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Simplicity In Design:

You don’t have to be worried much about the installation and access of this widely used media player. The program is light weighted and free to use for different platforms. You can bring an entire new look to your favorite music library with Window Media Player. The program is simpler with its playback support, it minimizes itself into versatile size. The most basic options it offers with minimized look are volume, shuffle, change tracks and repeat on/off buttons, these options make it simpler than any other media player. Windows media player is also available for mobile platforms including Android, windows phone and iOS devices.

All in all WMP is the first choice for all windows users, although player such as Winamp and VLC media player do have their own essence which cannot be ruled out.

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