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WinZip – Free Download

by boris

WinZip is the most trusted application to deal with bulk and large size documents. This application is compression tool offering an amazing experience to work with files that no other compression utility offers. The application is simple to utilize and offers a complete and efficient approach that makes the WinZip – a highest quality level program in the list of own category.


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Features of the Application:

You can rapidly transfer the documents in bulk volume on web, and for that, WinZip will become your best companion to help on this in safer way. It will compress the documents to a rational storage place, and pace up email transmission, and also will lessen download times. Winzip is best in class among document compression applications, having strong AES encryption to make your data transfer safer, and keeping some more advanced compression techniques for wiser assistance. Another feature of the program makes itself useful among common users as well, that is the photograph shrinking tool, this way you can share huge number of your photographs with friends easily using WinZip the complete pressure and chronicling arrangement.

In order to extend the number of users with the application, the developers have added different innovative elements to WinZip including picture compression and transfer services. Thereby, support with new shrinking techniques, enhanced compression performance, and support for large size files is the primary use of WinZip application. Well if you think the application is done with all these features, then you are wrong, because you have just seen the tip of the iceberg. You can work with your new companion WinZip quicker Clients, which can work quicker in doing the document transfer in more easily and compacted way.


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What else you can do with WinZip application?

  1. The application supports a several number of zip formats unpacking LZH, RAR, BZ2, LHA, ZIP, 7Z and similar other formats in the market.
  2. It also helps you unraveling the documents of UUE B64, HQX as well.
  3. The application also supports the integration of its configuration with the Microsoft Windows Shell.
  4. You can directly write the Zip archives into different CDs and DVDS with this utility.
  5. Backup of documents can be created proactively which will be integrated with the various cloud services of the market.
  6. The FTP upload is also integrated with the application.
  7. You can E-mail you ZIP documents to your different parties and friends.
  8. It offers support for ARC and ARJ documents, though depend on the external program installed in the system if suitable or not.

WinZip with Android Platform:

WinZip for Android platform was initially dispatched in 2012. This English application is totally free for android and desktop users, and for Android it is accessible in –

  • 2.1 – Eclair
  • 2.2 – Froyo
  • 2.3 – Gingerbread
  • 3.x – Honeycomb
  • 4.x – Ice Cream Sandwich and all other higher Android OS.

What’s new in the Latest Variant of WinZip?

  • Refreshed navigation and smooth graphics user interface.
  • Make new Zip organizers on SD cards.
  • Search records option inside of the compressed file.
  • Erase option for files and folder from SD cards.
  • Fixed other crashing bugs.
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